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BROS House

BROS HOUSE is a Bell Etage high energetic renovation that showcases our signature style, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our goal was to create a home that was both future-proof and tailored to our unique tastes, without compromising on design or material quality. The result is a interior renovation that seamlessly blends the classic elegance of traditional architecture with the modern convenience of contemporary design. On the ground floor, we opened up the back facade to create a spacious kitchen and cozy dining area with stunning views of the garden and swimming pond. We also removed the former garage at the front of the house, replacing it with a large window that brings in ample natural light and doubles as a home office space. Throughout the house, we paid careful attention to the details, with partition walls that provide an open feel while still maintaining privacy, and a variety of finishes and textures that add depth and richness to each space. The ground floor and bathroom are finished with two different PU coating colors for a unique washed look, the fishbone oak parquet on the upper levels is complemented by green Zelig tiles in the bathroom and shower. The carpentry throughout the house is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, using black oak fronts and textured lime panels that provide a striking contrast against the Dekton ‘Bergen’ and Atlas Calcacatta countertops. The crown jewel of ‘BROS HOUSE’ is the master bedroom, which has been opened up to the roof to create a truly royal sleeping experience. With an integrated dressing area that provides ample storage without sacrificing style. We are thrilled with the results of this project showcases our commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovative design.

MATERIALS: Dark stained oak, Dekton ‘Bergen’, Calacatta, lacquered finishings, textured lime panels, Fishbone oak parquet, flamed PU Coating, American oak staircase. 

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