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Dragon House

This stunning city mansion in Antwerp is one of the most eccentric expressions of Art Nouveau in the city.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to restore as much of the original carpentry throughout the house as possible, and to add new elements that would complement and enhance its unique character. All of the carpentry was restored using traditional techniques and materials to ensure that it would last for generations to come. And we made sure that every technical update we made was done with an eye towards future-proofing the house.

In addition to restoring parts of the basement, kitchen, and +1 floor, we also took great care in designing the new furniture.

Our approach to the design of the new parts was guided by a deep respect for the history and soul of the house. We wanted to create spaces that were not only functional and modern, but also true to the spirit of the original design. To achieve this, we carefully studied the existing architecture and materials, and used them as a foundation for our work.

The white cabinets in the new kitchen are painted in the same lacquer as the carpentry throughout the house. We used clean lines for the white cabinets but also added design elements used on the original ceiling. The oak cabinets are curved to match the ceiling and the yellow table doesn’t only add a touch of colour but is also curved to complement the overall esthetic.

We used the existing design of the bathroom as a base and added new elements like the bathtub and makeup-cabinet. All of the existing and new elements are covered in a decorative finish. This brings everything together while waterproofing at the same time.

The dressingroom was fully restored and painted before adding the new carpentry. A folding island was created in the middle of the space in the same material as the old wooden fireplace. This helps to bring the new lines of the modern dressing cabinets in touch with the original elements.


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