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Pink Ambition

In this project we had the challenge of incorporating a necessary radiator into a newly designed interior. Our tsolution was to create a functional encasing that not only blended the radiator in with the surrounding interior but also added practicality and style to the space.

We chose to clad the encasing in pink mortex, the same material used in the kitchen, to create a cohesive and seamless look throughout the room. The use of this material added warmth and texture to the space while also ensuring that the radiator blended in with the overall aesthetic of the room.

To further enhance the functionality, we added shelves made of oak that provide additional storage space for books, decoration, and other items. The shelves were designed with integrated lighting, which creates a subtle and warm ambiance in the room while also making it easier to locate and access items stored on the shelves.

Overall, this project demonstrates our ability to creatively solve design challenges while also adding practicality and style to a space. We are passionate about designing spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and tailored to our clients' needs.


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