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This project involved the renovation of the private section of a penthouse in Brussels, focusing on the master bedroom, dressing area, and two bathrooms. The goal was to create a luxurious, minimal yet warm, and highly functional living space tailored to the client's specific desires.

Project Overview

We closely involved our clients at every stage, beginning with extensive consultations to understand their vision and expectations. Our approach emphasizes getting it right from the start, discussing all details until the complete picture aligns with the client's wishes. The project stands out for its blend of luxury and functionality, with bespoke solutions and meticulous attention to detail, from material selection to finishing touches, resulting in an exclusive, customized living space.


The penthouse’s location in Brussels posed challenges, but the beautiful views and abundant natural light significantly enhanced our design. We used Mortex as the base material, complemented by Dekton and oak parquet, to create a luxurious boutique interior.

Architectural Harmony

We carefully integrated existing elements like concrete structural beams and varying floor levels into our design, creating a cohesive and intentional space that respects the original architecture while introducing contemporary touches. By starting with the building's context, we create unique interiors adapted to each location, enhancing and elevating our clients' interiors to give them the luxurious feel they deserve.