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Wabi Sabi

We were tasked with renovating a penthouse duplex in the heart of Antwerp. The apartment had a lot of elements that needed updating, but the owner was keen on maintaining some of the original features. In addition, the owner had an impressive art collection that needed to be showcased in a way that was both striking and understated.

To address these challenges, we worked tirelessly to create a mysterious yet elegant atmosphere throughout the space. We selected a carefully curated palette of materials, colors, and finishes that would create a warm and inviting ambiance without detracting from the art collection. The result was a harmonious blend of textures and tones that brought out the best in each element.

The art collection was a key element of the design brief, and we spent a lot of time thinking about how best to showcase it. We chose to use subtle lighting and other delicate techniques to ensure that the art was illuminated in a way that highlighted its beauty without overpowering the room. The result is a stunning space that seamlessly blended the owner's personal style with our team's expertise.

Overall, this project was a testament to our team's ability to balance the needs of the space with the desires of the client. We were thrilled to work on such a unique and challenging project, and we are proud of the stunning results we achieved.